Annual Music Recital


I have lots of activities, in fact my wife says that I have too many. But I guess it keeps me buisy and especially since I retired. Of course I like to fish and hunt and to just be in the outdoors and see God's wonderful works of nature. I enjoy fishing very much and I have heard the saying, "A bad day fishing is better than a good day at work." And the other saying that comes to my mind is, "No one on his deathbed has ever regretted that he took off too many days from work to go fishing!"

I have heard it said that everyone needs a hobby. My hobby is Amateur Radio (Ham Radio). My callsign is W4TKI and I have an entire web page devoted to

Sacred Harp singing is not rightfully called a hobby, but is more adequately described as a way of life. There is community, fellowship, family and friends involved. We share singing, fellowship and good food with each other. We rejoice with one another when we are happy and shed tears together when we are sad. What I like about Sacred Harp singing is that it is real as opposed to "reality T V." There are plenty of singings to go to around here in "Cooper Book" territory and a singing with beaucoup fun is within driving distance every week end either Saturday or Sunday or both.